michelle elizabeth lee, born on a gulf island in British Columbia, Canada has focussed her life on the process of creation... particularly that of fashion and self expression.



followed her passion and attended the Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design,

graduated with honours and went on to teach pattern making and construction at Blanch Macdonald Centre for Applied Arts


founded Kloth Clothing Desings Inc, a boutique sample and production house specializing in hand crafted samples for showrooms and runways world wide.

For over 15 years, creating diverse collections for countless designers, she mentoured under master pattern makers and seamstresses

enhancing her ability to render concepts into reality


focussed attention on personal desires, designing and creating exclusive pieces for select clients.

The evolution of this has produced M.E... a reflection of michelle's imagination


M.E embodies that which is uniquely female. Through sophisticated, bold and innovative designs M.E offers a luxurious perspective on self expression.

All is handcrafted in Canada with the finest materials, notions and hardware by individuals who share like minded ideals and the passion for creation.